Hi Paul,
Kudos on the library.  There's a lot to like about its design.  Simplicity, 
highlights each entry, filtering with auto-refresh, very intuitive and 
functional.  The midi playback control on the sidebar is a nice compromise.
On the attribution statement, I do find some wordsmithing still advisable, 
especially the opening statement "Sheet music from the Mutopia Project..."   
The license allows posting/transmitting/printing these independently, and 
without the benefit of context your website provides, I fear this reads as if 
these are a publication of the Mutopia Project, when publishing credit should 
point to you without much ambiguity.

Best Rgds, Javier

On Wednesday, June 11, 2014 9:34 AM, Paul Morris <p...@paulwmorris.com> wrote:

>Greetings everyone,
>Some of you may know about my work on Clairnote music notation (an alternative 
>music notation system).[1]  
>I just wanted to let you know about a sheet music library[2] that I've been 
>working on that offers works from the Mutopia Project in Clairnote notation 
>(converted via LilyPond/Scheme).  There's a blog post with more about it if 
>you are curious.[3]  
>I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Mutopia 
>Project and/or LilyPond.  This little library is very fortunate to be standing 
>on the shoulders of these projects.  
>If there is any interest in incorporating aspects of this library into the 
>Mutopia site at some point (like MIDI playback, perhaps?), I'd be glad to help.
>Many thanks,
>[1] http://clairnote.org/
>[2] http://clairnote.org/sheet-music-library/
>[3] http://clairnote.org/blog/2014/06/clairnote-sheet-music-library/
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