Hi Javier,

Thanks for the feedback.  I see what you mean about the attribution statement.  
It's a tricky balance between giving credit to the Mutopia Project and the 
original typesetter, while also not implying that these are Mutopia Project 
publications.  I'll give it some more thought and see what I can come up with.  
Any suggestions are welcome.

By the way, I really like your initiative to typeset the works that are 
downloaded the most from IMSLP that are not yet available in Mutopia.  It's 
great that they were willing to share their download numbers.  I'd like to help 
with that but my plate is already quite full for the foreseeable future.  Maybe 
at some point I will be able to find some time.

All my best,

On Jun 11, 2014, at 2:48 PM, Javier Ruiz-Alma <jav...@ruiz-alma.com> wrote:

> Hi Paul,
> Kudos on the library.  There's a lot to like about its design.  Simplicity, 
> highlights each entry, filtering with auto-refresh, very intuitive and 
> functional.  The midi playback control on the sidebar is a nice compromise.
> On the attribution statement, I do find some wordsmithing still advisable, 
> especially the opening statement "Sheet music from the Mutopia Project..."   
> The license allows posting/transmitting/printing these independently, and 
> without the benefit of context your website provides, I fear this reads as if 
> these are a publication of the Mutopia Project, when publishing credit should 
> point to you without much ambiguity.
> Best Rgds, Javier
> On Wednesday, June 11, 2014 9:34 AM, Paul Morris <p...@paulwmorris.com> wrote:
> Greetings everyone,
> Some of you may know about my work on Clairnote music notation (an 
> alternative music notation system).[1]  
> I just wanted to let you know about a sheet music library[2] that I've been 
> working on that offers works from the Mutopia Project in Clairnote notation 
> (converted via LilyPond/Scheme).  There's a blog post with more about it if 
> you are curious.[3]  
> I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Mutopia 
> Project and/or LilyPond.  This little library is very fortunate to be 
> standing on the shoulders of these projects.  
> If there is any interest in incorporating aspects of this library into the 
> Mutopia site at some point (like MIDI playback, perhaps?), I'd be glad to 
> help.
> Many thanks,
> -Paul 
> [1] http://clairnote.org/
> [2] http://clairnote.org/sheet-music-library/
> [3] http://clairnote.org/blog/2014/06/clairnote-sheet-music-library/
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