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On Fri, Aug 19, 2016 at 11:53 AM, Joel C. Salomon <>

> A year and a half ago, on 2014-12-23 7:10 PM, I wrote:
> > I've just come across the incidental music to the original stage
> > production of Peter Pan; or, The Boy who wouldn't Grow Up.
> <snip>
> > At any rate, I've begun to re-typeset some of this in Lilypond with the
> > intention of submitting this to Mutopia.  I've forked the project at
> > GitHub; see
> Returning to this at long last…
> While I do still intend to contribute a version of this effort to
> Mutopia, I’m finding it easier to work on it as an independent project;
> see <>.
> In the Releases page for that project, I have my current drafts of the
> first 13 scores in this collection: LilyPond source, PDF score, and MIDI
> rendering.
> I can use some help with this from folks who are more familiar with
> LilyPond or musical notation than I.  There are minor details (which
> relative key is correct for any given score, whether any particular slur
> should be a phrasing slur instead), more noticeable formatting issues
> (how to program the accelerando/ritardando in PP04 “The Shadow Dance”,
> or the change of singer in PP13 “The Building of the House”), and
> LilyPond issues (are my score blocks overly complicated, or am I perhaps
> missing some things that should be there? can I combine
> with \acciaccatura? how do I make fermata sound better?).
> —Joel C. Salomon
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