On 2018-03-07 13:37, Scott Kostyshak wrote:
>> I've noticed that the handling of text/plain by popular GUI MUAs
>> has gotten so bad in past few years, that I'm now reluctant to
>> send mail in that format.  
> What are the most common mistakes?

The biggest I've seen is using proportional fonts to display content
intended to be in a monospace font.  Part of this may also entail
combining/compacting white-space which is particularly horrid if
emailing Python snippets.

A runner-up:  sometimes certain MUAs (coughOutlookcough) will
preemptively wrap content according to some algorithm I've not yet
sussed out.  Last I checked, it did offer a small "show original
unwrapped text" but it really mangles some of the text/plain I've


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