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> On Tue, Mar 06, 2018 at 08:06:12PM +0000, Grant Edwards wrote:
>> I've noticed that the handling of text/plain by popular GUI MUAs has
>> gotten so bad in past few years, that I'm now reluctant to send mail
>> in that format.
> What are the most common mistakes?

They don't use a fixed-width font. I suppose it's debatable as to
whether that's a "bug", but it wrecks a lot of plaintext posts/emails
that have columns of data or "tables" in them.

Some of them start a new paragraph (complete with extra vertical
space) everytime they see a cr/lf.

Or, they wrap things like bullet lists into a single "paragraph":

This is a list with three items
 * item 1
 * item 2
 * item 3

But it shows up like this:

This is a list with three items * item 1 * item 2 * item 3

text/plain (which usually assumes an 80-colum display) often renders
especially bad on narrow phone displays.

> I wasn't aware of this situation, and since I often argue in favor
> of text/plain (well, usually multi-part MIME), I should be aware of
> these issues.

It depends on what MUAs (and the versions) the recipients have.

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