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Hopefully this message body flowed well for you.  ;)

It did flow well for me. Now I'm curious: I tried to get flowed messages
working for me but in the end I gave up because I couldn't compose
indented blocks as I like, so I went back to fixed width format.

I'm curious about your experiments with composing flowed text. I'm using vim invoked thus:

 vim \
     -c 'silent 1,/^$/s/  *$//' \
     -c 'set filetype=mail' \
     -c 'set formatoptions=waqj'

which produces a ... workable experience. It is a little prone to minor breakage and I do go back to check for the trailing spaces used to mark flowed lines.

I'd be happy to find improvements.

What did you try, and how did it fail? What was good?

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