On 2019-07-06 10:39, José María Mateos wrote:
It did flow well for me. Now I'm curious: I tried to get flowed messages working for me but in the end I gave up because I couldn't compose indented blocks as I like, so I went back to fixed width format.

Could you provide an example of such an indented block?

What's the effect of delsp?

It basically removes a single trailing space from each f=f line.  Example:

“This is ”
“one line.”


“This isone line.”


“This is ”
“one line.”


“This is one line.”

It is handy primarily for two reasons:

· Some languages do not use spaces.
· Mixing flowed and non-flowed lines in a single message body can be convenient.

For the latter, consider the following:

“https://www.whydoeseveryurl.com/in.2019?seem=to&be=tracking&me=%40%33%54%57 ”

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