On Sun, Jul 07, 2019 at 10:02:51AM -0400, José María Mateos wrote:
And, as far as I can tell, this cannot be done correctly with flowed
text. Plus sometimes I send e-mails to lists that need to copy & paste
code and one needs to be extra careful with that. In the end, I didn't
find any obvious advantage to the flowed format (apart from the fact
that, yes, it degrades gracefully when one's reading the e-mail on a
phone or something like that) and I went back to this option.

I'm back to trying to get flowed mode working for me, but I'm finding
something funny: mutt is not adding the trailing space to every line when
quoting. I would have assumed this is done automatically, should I use
my editor to reformat the relevant quotations again?


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