On Sunday, July 07, 2019 at 10:02:51 -0400, José María Mateos wrote:

I stopped using flowed format because I like doing stuff like this:

1. A list, in which the paragraph gets aligned to the first letter of
  the block, so it's more noticeable. Otherwise it just looks like a
  regular paragraph with a number at the beginning.

For this I use the external formatting program wrapped in a script which can add or strip spaces at the end of lines based on the shortcut I use.

Bottom line, just by selecting the formatting shortcut I can easily strip spaces at the end of line in pre-formatted paragraphs as the one above to prevent their reflowing.

Plus sometimes I send e-mails to lists that need to copy &
paste code and one needs to be extra careful with that.

For this I have a shortcut that toggles vim paste mode.


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