On 19-11-01 11:37, martin f krafft wrote:
> Regarding the following, written by “Stefan Hagen” on 2019-11-01 at
> 08:53 Uhr +0100:
>     While I was able to just write an email and send it, it is now a
>     process of carefully “coding” an email, previewing, correcting,
>     previewing, sending…
> There’s a lot of good things to be said about carefully crafting emails!
> Regardless, to most of us who’ve been writing text/plain emails all of
> our lives, using ASCII characters for emphasis and hand-crafting
> numbered and itemised lists, Markdown will hardly even have a learning
> curve.

Your setup for plain text is very reasonable, using format-flowed and >
as quote character.

However, the usage of blockquote within HTML is something where there is
not necessarily a proper way of handling this - Thunderbird does not do
it properly, as you see above. How does handle html itself nested
blockquote levels?

How does outlook handle it? I guess it's not an issue over there.
Outlook users do use full quotes below without ever reading them!?

Schönen Gruß

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