Outlook crashes for me so I stopped using it a long time ago.  I tried to 
use it again this past week only so I could have MLO work with my google 
calendar but, it still crashes - event though it's the latest version.  I 
have a lot of stored emails and outlook wants to download all of them . 
 I'm not able to just use the calendar feature in outlook without being 
forced to use the rest of the program. 

GOOGLE CALENDER.  Excuse my rudeness in using all capitals but, seriously, 
this is something that users have been asking for quite many years now and 
MLO has yet to accommodate our wishes.   I don't get it.  Telling us to use 
Outlook to use Google is ridiculous.  I'm sure there must be a logical 
reason why this integration still hasn't happened so, would someone please 
share that with me?  Aside from this very important issue, I love the 

If you can't integrate it with Google calendar, then at leat create a view 
that allows us to see out agendas in a calendar format.
On Friday, March 20, 2015 at 5:08:16 AM UTC-7, Davide De Bella wrote:
> Stéphane many thanks for your reply. I've tried but there are too many 
> passage and 3d part software. Many thanks
> Davide
> Il giorno martedì 13 gennaio 2015 00:03:49 UTC+1, Stéph ha scritto:
>> Sorry Davide - MLO has integration with Outlook, but not Google Calendar. 
>>  I think someone posted a work-around where they sync'd Google Calendar 
>> with Outlook and then sync'd MLO with that copy of Outlook.
>> One good point, you shouldn't lose the items you already have in MLO - 
>> Though make a backup of your outline, just in case...
>> Stéphane
>> On Thursday, 8 January 2015 22:32:36 UTC, Davide De Bella wrote:
>>> Hi All
>>> do you know how it's possible using MLO in to GMail and related Google 
>>> apps in chrome?
>>> I'm moving from Outllook to GMail and it seems that my existing hundreds 
>>> of rows created with Outlook+MLO will be lost because I cannot manage these 
>>> information in to Google Word.
>>> Is there somebody who can help me?
>>> Thanks a lot
>>> Davide

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