No articles or tuturials I can think of aside from the ones in MLO help 
files, but here are some ideas to try out.

For the longest time, I kept my goals and supporting tasks in my task 
outline view (Outline/All Tasks) also by time period, e.g., a tree for 
Week, Month, Year.  Bad idea.  Just mark them as goals for whatever they 
are, and don't try too hard to organize your project/task outline 
chronologically.  Then use the "Goals" view to work with your goals, and 
make sure everything you intend to have as a goal and work and track via 
MLO is shown in that view, for the appropriate time period.
(I'm assuming you know to use the task/folder properties window to mark 
tasks/folders as "goal for" Week/Month/Year.)

I like to use folders as goals, that is, title the folder in terms of the 
outcome or positive statement of the accomplished goal, and then set the 
priority at that level.  So if I have a goal for the year of something like 
"I am under 180lbs, run 10K under 55m, feel strong, can do vigorous hikes, 
bike fast, play full 90 minute game of soccer", then I would create that as 
a folder and mark it as "goal for"/Year.  Then, under that, I might have 
additional sub-folders like "I Include a well-researched weight training 
program as part of my regular weekly fitness habits" and mark that as a 
goal for the month.  Then, under that, I might have another folder like 
"Draft and trial an initial weight training program for a few weeks". 
 Under that folder, I might have specific tasks like "Research what 
programs would be appropriate for my goals" and "Choose an initial weight 
training program and try it for two weeks" as tasks.  FWIW, I would 
typically mark the folder above those two tasks with the "Complete subtasks 
in order" checkmark, so that only the "next" actionable task shows in the 
outline, rather than having to see and deal with overwhelming tons of 
tasks, only a few of which are currently relevant and actionable.

One thing I suggest is to edit the settings for the default "Goals" view to 
sort by "Importance" descending, at least if you use the 
Steven-Covey-popularized Important/Urgent Quadrants I-IV approach. 
 Otherwise, the order in which things appear in your list of goals makes no 

Hope this helps.  Feel free to ask any follow-up questions and with any 
luck you'll get lots of great responses.

On Monday, November 28, 2016 at 12:52:00 AM UTC-8, c.k. lester wrote:
> I would like to see more information about managing "Goals." I have a 
> general idea of how they might work, but I'd like to see a tutorial of them 
> in practice. Anybody have articles or videos in this regard?
> Thanks!

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