Thank you for the replies, folks! I'm not sure how I would implement "goal 
tracking" in MLO, or even if it's necessary (isn't a project a goal?!!?), 
but let me explain what I'm wanting to do, and maybe that could help steer 
the conversation.

I'm coming from Simpleology, in which you can describe "focuses" (goals?) 
for your life: Short-term, Mid-term, and Long-term. In "Short-term," I 
currently have "Develop life schedule." You can see a screenshot 

I have similar things filled in for the Mid- and Long-term categories. In 
Simpleology, you review these bits every morning, and they help form your 
daily tasks. How can I do something similar in MLO, or should I go outside 
the system for that kind of tracking?

(I'm moving from Simpleology because MLO has a better task interface, IMHO. 
And I don't need two managers in my life right now. :D)

Thank you!

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