My take is that a Goal is a higher level Project. 
i.e. A Goal may in a sense contain a number of Projects.

(Aside: A confusing factor is that a project may be relevant to more than 
one goal but let's not go there!)

The problem is that MLO has no obvious way of allocating one Project to 
another Project, other then dependency which is a completely different 
concept and not useful here. 

Step - is your solution to use a MLO Folder for each GTD Level?

If so, I am slightly confused about how you appear to be conflating Goals 
with Projects?

If I understand you you have the following level of folder:
1. Areas of Life in your MLO root (Personal, Home, Work and Community)
2. Roles within each area (e.g. husband, father, home maintenance, finances 

So far so good...

But what happens in level 3? Surely any goal would have projects within it, 
If so any project within a goal would be in level 4, no?

... which would put your tasks within any project at level 5 (not level 4)??

Also what do you do about goals within goals?

I believe David Allen (of GTD fame) has the following layers:

50K - Purpose & principles
40K - Vision, finished within multi-years
30K - Goals & Objectives, finished within 1-2 years
20K - Responsibilities (x10 to x15 categories)
10K - Projects that can be finished within 1 year
Runway - immediate, physical, single tasks

The problem is that I I'm not sure that this lends itself into a simple 
tree structure! Or do you just ignore 40K and 50K levels?

Steph you structure is nonetheless interesting and does make reasonable 
sense. However you do you then handle *priority*? I have found that if you 
specify priority (be it importance or urgency) explicity that this gets you 
into trouble because it takes too long to enter for every task. And worse 
they keep changing over time and need to be re-tweaked a lot. 

For now I am using the sort order as a form of relative priority which 
works quite well, (plus I mark a small number of urgent things using colour 
and/or bold). The problem is that what I am doing ignore goals completely. 

OK I'm at the limits of my knowledge on all this and don't have any real 
answers for how to do this in MLO. 

- Can anyone else shed light?


On Thursday, December 1, 2016 at 2:07:47 PM UTC, c.k. lester wrote:

> And, again, I want to emphasize: How is a project not a goal?!!? ha!

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