Hi, I'm back to MLO after 4 years with other task managers and so far it's 
working out very well. I have currently three installations:

   - MLO Pro on my Windows 10 machine
   - MLO Pro v2 on my Android device
   - MLO Pro inside of Wine on OSX

All of them are connected to the Cloud sync. I have set up a nice workspace 
layout  on the OSX machine with a few tabs that works great for me so far 
(the OSX machine is my main working machine). Now I would like to transfer 
this setup to the Windows 10 machine. The cloud sync doesn't seem to sync 
workspaces, though, so I wonder if there is a way to do this manually (e.g. 
copy over a few settings files). Can this be done or do I have to recreate 
the setup on the Windows machine?

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