Yes, "Learn Java" is a project, otherwise it wouldn't be included into the 
group of "In Progress (2)" projects. To make sure, open its properties on 
the right. Also, each project is marked blue.

Now about why it's duplicated. In the "Projects" view all tasks marked as 
projects are listed recursively, therefore embedded projects will show up:

a) For the first time as a part of the parent project; 

b) For the second time as an independent project.

To avoid confusion, in MLO-Windows bring up the "Filter" pane and click on 
"Config" in the "General" section. Remove a checkmark next to "Continue 
searching in branch after main filter match". In MLO-mobile open "Custom 
View Settings" for the "Projects" view and disable "Continue searching in 
branch". The smaller projects will be only shown once as parts of the main 

Also, you may focus on the parent project (use "Zoom in") to work on the 
smaller projects.

Do not delete sub-projects in the "Projects" view since they are not 
duplicates. If you are not sure, feel free to check the whole structure in 
the Outline (the "All tasks" view).

On Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 8:55:11 AM UTC+3, Foobarbaz wrote:
> Hello,
> I just started to use MLO today. So far so good and I am enjoying it.
> But when I create a task in *Projects* view... for example:
> *Projects*
> In Progress (2)
> Build an App
> subtask 1
> subtask 2
> Learn Java <- This is the task I just created
> If later on I decide that "Learn Java" should be under "Build an App", I 
> then move it under "Build an App". But the result will be like this:
> *Projects*
> In Progress (2)
> Build an App
> Learn Java <- Now it shows up in two places
> sub task 1
> sub task 2
> Learn Java <- Now it shows up in two places
> If I delete either of them, both are deleted. I believe (not sure) now 
> "Learn Java" is a project itself, but also a sub-project of "Build an App"?
> This is not what I wanted. I want to make it a subtask of "Build an App" 
> and not a project itself.
> How should I properly make "Learn Java" a subtask of "Build an App"?
> Thank you.

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