I just started to use MLO today. So far so good and I am enjoying it.

But when I create a task in *Projects* view... for example:

In Progress (2)
Build an App
subtask 1
subtask 2
Learn Java <- This is the task I just created

If later on I decide that "Learn Java" should be under "Build an App", I 
then move it under "Build an App". But the result will be like this:

In Progress (2)
Build an App
Learn Java <- Now it shows up in two places
sub task 1
sub task 2
Learn Java <- Now it shows up in two places

If I delete either of them, both are deleted. I believe (not sure) now 
"Learn Java" is a project itself, but also a sub-project of "Build an App"?
This is not what I wanted. I want to make it a subtask of "Build an App" 
and not a project itself.

How should I properly make "Learn Java" a subtask of "Build an App"?

Thank you.

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