Yes, hold menu does give some useful shortcuts (I'm particularly using it 
to add Contexts and to Delete tasks). However its Date button means "Due 
date", which I'm not using very much. There's now way of setting it up to 
launch "Start date". Maybe that's slightly different on Android, I'm not 
Thanks anyway!

On Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 11:04:28 PM UTC+3, Stéph wrote:
> Though MLO does have the problem of a lot of taps to do some frequent 
> adjustments, there's often more than one way to do things. For your example 
> (in iOS, so I guess it's similar for Android), you don't have to swipe 
> left. Instead, you can tap and hold on a task, which brings up a menu of 
> frequently edited parameters, including a quicker link to edit the dates. 
> The advantage is it takes you straight into edit mode, rather than having 
> to view and then tap edit.
> Hope that's helpful, if you didn't already know about the tap-and-hold 
> menu.
> Stéphane
> On Tuesday, 10 April 2018 06:55:11 UTC+1, Domas wrote:
>> As a side note the Android app suffers a lot from this problem (too many 
>> clicks to complete things).
>> As an example, when I'm using Inbox (Google's email app) I can delay 
>> tasks with two clicks:
>>    1. slide the item to the side
>>    2. select the desired time.
>> In MLO I'm using *Start Date* to indicate that task should be started 
>> working on.
>> To delay the MLO task:
>>    1. slide to the left to see the options
>>    2. click anywhere to start edit mode
>>    3. click Start Date to start dates editing mode
>>    4. click Start Date to display calendar
>>    5. select the date (very inconvenient, no possibility to have 
>>    predefined dates/times)
>>    6. click Ok
>>    7. click Save
>>    8. click Done
>>    9. click Back
>> Amazing. If I would like to select the time, it's even more clicks.
>> This completely undermines the use of this functionality within the app.
>> On Friday, April 6, 2018 at 6:02:01 PM UTC+3, Stéph wrote:
>>> I agree with you, Domas. People have systems with varying complexity. My 
>>> goal is to use as few parameters as possible, to minimize the time I spend 
>>> clicking an editing tasks and to maximize the time I have for actually 
>>> doing those tasks. (Having said that, I do spend a lot of time writing a 
>>> lot of date-stamped notes, so that I can look back and see how a project or 
>>> task developed.)
>>> Stéphane
>>> On Friday, 30 March 2018 06:28:11 UTC+1, Domas wrote:
>>>> I agree here. 
>>>> That's the reason why my use of Importance/Urgency is very limited in 
>>>> MLO - it's too complicated to change it quickly.

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