I decided to try to make my own boost converter. You know. How hard can it 
be? Anyway I have gone down a rat hole with trying to understand how to 
calculate R/C values for loop compensation (in the following, bear in mind 
that I am not an electrical engineer). One chip I am looking at is the 
LM3478, which happens to have an application note that explains exactly how 
to do this (http://www.ti.com/lit/an/snva067c/snva067c.pdf). At least that 
is what it claims, but I worked through it's example and made a Bode plot 
using the values it shows for the example zeros and pole. But the plot I 
get looks nothing like the one in the note.

Basically They calculate a couple of zeros and a pole:

wz1 = 133,333 rad/sec 
wz2 = 420,875 rad/sec
wp1 = 833 rad/sec

I set up the equations in spreadsheet and get these same values for their 
example circuit.

So I put those into an online bode plotter 
(e.g. http://www.onmyphd.com/?p=bode.plot). And get a plot that doesn't 
look like their figure 2. 

If anyone is feeling particularly kind could you point out what I am 

Thanks - Paul

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