Have you considered using devices from Linear Technology (now Analog 
Devices) ? You can run extensive simulations with LTSpice, using accurate 
models for their ICs (I assume they are encrypted spice models).

I dont do bode plots for any of my designs; instead I rely heavily on spice 
simulations and run a lot of corner cases, varying component values, etc. 
 As your design improves, you will see that overall behavior is not 
sensitive to component values. For example, I'm working on a DCDC converter 
and I had horrible ringing; changing a capacitor value 2X had a major 
impact on the ringing. After some other fiddling, even a 10X change in 
capacitance no longer increases the ringing appreciably.

One thing to really watch-out for is inductor current; make sure you stay 
well-clear of the saturation current (Isat) spec for the device. If you are 
using a transformer (coupled inductors) , make sure your circuit works 
nicely with non-ideal conditions such as finite DC resistance (usually in 
the datasheet), and non-ideal coupling (K < 1). All kinds of bugs come 
crawling out of the woods; much easier to deal with them with a simulator 
than a real circuit on your workbench.

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