On 04/04/18 09:30, Keith Mendoza wrote:
I actually found no.such.address in line 79 of T070com2sec_simple.
That host has been hijacked by barefruit.co.uk who "generates highly
targeted traffic for ISPs by replacing DNS and HTTP errors with
relevant advertising"; which is now causing the test case to fail.
Attempting to talk HTTP to the IP gave the the impression that either
my ISP is cahoots with this company; or they're intercepting the IP
back to their advertisement page. On the upside, Google's and
cloudflare's DNS are not resolving; but, that still means point your
network to use those nameservers :(

That means that your ISP is doing something dubious. Anyway, we could add a workaround for broken ISP DNS configurations using the same approach as for the domain names onea.net-snmp.org and twoa.net-snmp.org.


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