My/our proposal doesn't seem to help unblock the current impasse,  as such I'll drop it and move on.



On 2/23/2018 9:52 AM, Robert Wilton wrote:
Hi Lou,

As per my public emails on this WG alias, and also private emails, you
must know that both Martin, I, and others have been trying (for many
weeks) to reach a compromise.

I don't think that it is that I am unwilling to compromise, but more
that I perceive that a different compromise solution is the right one.
I.e. we publish a single draft that contains the model that you want now
for pre NMDA solutions, and also a model that we think will work well in
the post NMDA world that all of the IETF YANG models are moving to.


On 23/02/2018 14:36, Lou Berger wrote:

I think we're going in circles here. We have one camp that wants to
replace the current module with pre 09 and is unwilling to discuss
compromise, and another camp that wants 08 published as is and has
been waiting for the working group and authors to submit aversion to
the IESG for publication based on the last call that completed in

The mail I sent that started this thread was sent with the hope of
finding a compromise. As you and Martin seem uninterested in
discussing a compromise, I not sure if it's worth pursuing this
thread. If I have misread your mails, and you are open to compromise
then we should continue this thread.

If not and there is no interest in finding a compromise in the working
group and by the authors, I guess we're back to the plan of publishing
08 and looking forward to protests.



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