Dear Carlo & Co

Where is Nick Land now? What is he up to? Can he be brought back to
philosophy and critical theory?
I read "Fanged Noumea" when it was released a couple of years ago (I guess
most Nettime members did) and remembered how inspired I was by Land's
perspective in the 1990s on "the flat chaos" that would become the
Internet. Although my take it would be more Deleuzian-nomadic than Land's
accelerationist take (you either base your ideology on that worked in The
Tribe or what worked during Feudalism), he is still a massive inspiration
and a truly creative thinker. So his mind would certainly be a welcome
prodigal return for current critical debate.
Last I heard, Land was in Shanghai and busy doing pop culture and writing
psychological fiction. If he is still around there, maybe I could find him
for an interview when I'm in Shanghai in April?

Best intentions
Alexander Bard

2018-03-02 13:24 GMT+01:00 carlo von lynX <>:

> Bumped into an amazing documentary from 1994: depicting the future
> of society in the age of the Internet. Some statements are funny or
> sad for their naivity, some others are chilling as they predict the
> advent of the great Internet monopolies.
>     "Visions Of Heaven and Hell" -
> "I think it could be a disaster scenario, as this new technology
>  comes to its fruition, with fewer people getting richer and more
>  people getting poorer. And I think it could mean the collapse of
>  society as indeed the collapse of the world civilisation and a
>  new dark age. And the only thing that I think in the end can save
>  that, is if the people who master this technology, the new rich,
>  the new intellighenzia, can actually think beyond themselves. If
>  they can realise, that the best form of selfishness is unselfish-
>  ness. That if they don't actually invest in people other than
>  themselves, beyond themselves, they will destroy themselves."
>         Charles B. Handy, 1994.
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