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> Hi all, first replying via nettime, hope this works.
> I too have found some of his thinking very interesting at times but upon 
> learning the extent of his political views I refuse to engage with his work
> See below:
> "Nick Land advocates for racially based absolutist micro-states, where 
> unregulated capitalism combines with genetic separation between global elites 
> and the ‘refuse’ (his term) of the rest. It’s a eugenic philosophy of 
> ‘hyper-racism’, as he describes it on the racist blog Alternative Right, or 
> ‘Human Biodiversity’ (HBD). Here, class dominance and inequality are mapped 
> onto, explained, and justified by tendencies for the elite to mate with each 
> other and spawn a new species with an expanding IQ. Yes, this ‘hyper-racism’ 
> is that daft – and would be laughed off as the fantasy of a neoliberal Dr 
> Strangelove if it didn’t have leverage in this miserable climate of the 
> ascendant far right. Regarding the other side, the domain of the ‘refuse’, 
> Land uses euphemism to stand in for the white nationalist notion of a coming 
> ‘white genocide’: ‘demographic engineering as an explicit policy objective’, 
> ‘steady progress of population replacement’, is the racial threat he 
> describes on the bleak webpages of The Daily Caller. " 
> https://conversations.e-flux.com/t/why-is-nick-land-still-embraced-by-segments-of-the-british-art-and-theory-scenes/6329
> <https://conversations.e-flux.com/t/why-is-nick-land-still-embraced-by-segments-of-the-british-art-and-theory-scenes/6329>

Hi Callum,

I was in no way speaking of Nick Land, just D/G. ...

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