On Sat, 07 Apr 2018, Tilman Baumgärtel wrote:

> When exactly did this list become primarily a vehicle for the
> endless wisecracking of some guy who has borrowed his name from a
> novel from 1895?

my record for posterity: I know well this list and most people who
started it, read and write *sometimes* myself since 20 years. I used
to be strongly against the moderation of this list 10 years ago, a
measure which is just recently removed I understand.

morlockelloi has been around as an anonymous writer since very long. I
used to be one of his fans, plus at times a sparring partner. Reading
some of his writings from 10 years ago, some of us believed he could
be William Gibson, who has also been somehow close to this list in its
early days at least.

what I register now is that his activity intensified and the quality
of his attacks descended below the entertaining level. There ara
flurring posts from him in the last months, where he even replies to
himself, something I recall he never did.

Plus traits of his personality are changing, he is much more of a
'mr. know-it-all' type now, while before was more of a cynical
quasi-Bruce-Sterling designy type person dismissing fluff and clearing
out the way for proper arguments.

I don't know what else to think. maybe he passed on his account. The
sort of replying-myself thing he is doing shows that some sort of
twitter ab-user has taken place and the quantity of activity indicates
there may be more people behind the account now.


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