Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos <> writes:

> How widely used are these macros? Searching debian code:
> seems to show gnutls (in fips140 drbg code), stoken, qemu, rdup,
> filezilla, pike, cmake, uanytun, haskell-bindings-nettle, libarchive,
> anytun, and mosh.

If we want to keep it, and still make it possible to replace
x86_64/aesni/aes-encrypt-internal.asm with three
x86_64/aesni/aesKEYSIZE-encrypt.asm, we could do that by redefining
aes_ctx as something like

struct aes_ctx
  unsigned keysize;
      struct aes128_ctx aes128;
      struct aes192_ctx aes192;
      struct aes256_ctx aes256;
    } u;

and write each aes_* function as a switch on the keysize. Since we
already have the tests, that should be fairly cheap in terms of

Deprecation was announced with nettle-3.0, 3.5 years ago:

   The old interface, with struct aes_ctx and struct camellia_ctx, is kept
   for backwards compatibility, but might be removed in later
   versions.   (NEWS file)

but I guess noone saw any urgent need to update old code to the new
interfaces. (We never do, do we?).


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