> On 2/21/18 11:35 AM, Frank Filz wrote:
> > There's a -n or --no-verify option that will bypass the commit hooks. I 
> > suggest
> trying to commit without that first to make sure the only checkpatch
> errors/warnings are for the spacing around * and then commit again with -n to
> bypass checkpatch to actually commit.
> >
> Boy oh boy, I wish I'd known about that!!!

Sorry, I thought folks knew about that. Now you do, you are one of the folks 
more likely to need it as you are often touching the files that have 
intractable issues...

> So that's what I've done on the nfs41.h formatting.
> I've also removed the K&R-style definitions that checkpatch hates.

Thanks for this effort. Life will be happier...

Though I think that if we static run checkpatch against the whole code base 
(rather than the patches) it may still trip on things here... But I know to 
ignore those when I do checkpatch against the whole tree...


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