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> Advice?

I feel our momentum slowing here; thanks for waking us up, Glenn.
Let's avoid waiting six more months until Jon has to nag us again!
There are a few problems, like the Mandrake ndbm.h file location,
that don't sound too tough to fix.  The longer we wait to release,
the more little problems like this will come up.  Maybe we should
make a fix or two, release 1.1, and then post patches (or start
pushing for nmh 1.11) as new OS versions dribble out.  Should nmh
be 100% perfect before it's released?  (Am I a heretic or what? :)

About the vi test:  How about a compromise?  Does it gain users
a lot to have nmh test the editor's exit status and discard the
draft on a nonzero exit?  If the user or the editor has some kind
of error, won't that be obvious to the user -- so she can type
"q d" at the "What now?" prompt to throw away the bogus draft?
(Does exmh or MH-E depend on this error-exit facility?)

A half-baked proposal:  Make the default to *ignore* the editor
status and rip out the config code that tries to set ATTVIBUG.
Add a note to the documentation or the configure script to say
that, if you want this enabled, you should test your own editor
and enable the test if you should.  Is this too big a change to
make on a dot-release?  Or can we get 1.1 out the door soon?

[I'm not an expert on software releases.  Maybe we *do* need to
wait.  I'm just trying another angle, trying to stir things up.]

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