On June 30, 2003 at 12:38, Glenn Burkhardt wrote:

> I'd like to change the default components file to include a folder copy:
> To:
> cc:
> Fcc: +sent-mail
> Subject:
> --------
> Most mail clients I've dealt with make a copy of sent mail by default, and
> it's easier for new users to delete a line than to figure out how to
> correctly add one.


I vote against this change since this is a behaviorsl change to the
defail nmh installation.  Also, who really are nmh users?  Is the
"outbox" folder really that useful?

Years ago, I onced played with Fcc, but never saw its use.  If
I want a personal copy of a message I send, I use the (undocumented)
dcc field giving my mail address.  This has advantage of insuring
that my copy includes all the additional message headers (like
message-id) that the outgoing message had.

Now, I am not dismissing the case that others have good uses for
fcc, but it appears that with the type of users nmh has, its better
to have such settings be done explicitly by each user.

I have used MUAs that do the "outbox" thing by default, and all I
have seen it be is a waste of disk space.  For heavy email users
(which nmh people probably are), an automatic outbox can just a glut
of data that serves no use.


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