> Bill Wohler wrote:
> I think a Fcc out of the box is entirely appropriate for new users. The
> Dcc usage that Earl suggests is a little more advanced, and is typically
> used with procmail which is even more advanced (although it is
> absolutely necessary these days). And remember that Dcc is still
> undocumented and thus shouldn't be added to the default files.

I think that this is the main point.  Most mail users (in my experience) want
to have a copy of mail that's been sent, for a variety of reasons.  For a new
user, trying to figure out simple things like this can be daunting, and
they might not even realize that they are possible.  In any case, when the
user doesn't want the feature, figuring out how to delete FCC: +outbox will
be easier than figuring out how to add it correctly.

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