On 1 July 2003 at 13:51, Bill Wohler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Note that in replcomps, the Fcc only appears if you specify "repl -fcc
> +outbox". But then it does appear in the header.

Here's another idea that I sent to Glenn in a private message.
I'm not saying that it's better than any of Bill's suggestions;
it's just another idea.  BTW, I tested it now (my Linux box is
back up) and it seems to work:

On Mon, 30 Jun 2003 10:19:58 -0700, Jerry Peek <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Glenn Burkhardt wrote:
> > Ok.  replcomps already includes the line "%<{fcc}Fcc: %{fcc}\n%>", so
> > I'll check the others if there's agreement for the change.
> But, by default, that doesn't make an Fcc: copy, I think -- unless the 
> user puts something like -fcc +sent-mail on the command line.  (I'm not 
> on Unix now so I can't check; sorry.)  You could add that switch to the 
> default MH profile file, but I'm not sure people would like that?
> Another possibility (though it might mean changing the explanation of 
> replcomps in the mh-format man page you just committed...) is to change 
> replcomps to have something like
> Fcc: %<{fcc}%{fcc}%|+sent-mail%>
> which (if I got the syntax right, which I can't check...) would output 
> any -fcc switch argument, else +sent-mail.  Since the "Fcc:" would be 
> output regardless, I don't think the \n should be embedded in the string.


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