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> I'd like to change the default components file to include a folder copy:
> To:
> cc:
> Fcc: +sent-mail
> Subject:
> --------

Obviously it won't be a clear majority, but perhaps there will be some

I think a Fcc out of the box is entirely appropriate for new users. The
Dcc usage that Earl suggests is a little more advanced, and is typically
used with procmail which is even more advanced (although it is
absolutely necessary these days). And remember that Dcc is still
undocumented and thus shouldn't be added to the default files.

I've been using "Fcc: +out" for years. Inevitably, I get a "I lost your
mail, please resend" at least once a month, and I often remind myself
what I said. Perhaps Earl hasn't quite hit the magic-40 senility barrier
yet ;-).

While I use +out, I think +outbox is more MH-like than +sent-mail and
would vote for +outbox for the default and may well edit my own
components file accordingly now that I'm thinking of it.

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