Bill Wohler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>Earl Hood <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>> The only potential confusion for new users about "Fcc: +outbox" is
>> that when they see it the first time when composing a message, they
>> may be confused on exactly what that means.

>That's a good point. Here are some other issues that come to mind. In
>this discussion, "replcomps" means "replcomps and replgroupcomps".

>Note that in replcomps, the Fcc only appears if you specify "repl -fcc
>+outbox". But then it does appear in the header.

My "replcomps" contains:

%<{fcc}Fcc: %{fcc}\n%|Fcc: +outbox\n%>\

which seems to have the effect that outbox is the default,
but is overridden by "-fcc folder" on the command line.

>Whatever we do should be consistent. If we were simply to add "Fcc:
>+outbox" to components, we'd make "-fcc +outbox" the default for repl.
>This isn't consistent. Fcc would be set in the components file on one
>hand, and on the command line in another.

I think my "replcomps" handles that with sufficient consistency.

>So, one solution would be to add -fcc +outbox to comp and apply
>mh-format to components files as well so that Fcc could be controlled by
>both the components file and the command line. Perhaps folks would
>welcome MH formatting in the components file, but it could be a lot of

It would be nice to add a "-fcc" option to comp, but we should not
hold up a release waiting for that change.

>Even though Ruud make a good point about the difference between outbox
>and sent-items in other mailers, I'm not sure how applicable this
>argument is to MH, since the parallel between inbox and outbox is so

He is correct about other MUAs.  But MH is not just another MUA,
and we should do this in the way most compatible with MH.  In
particular, MH users tend to want the maximum ability for personal
tailoring, and what other MUAs do could be too restrictive.


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