>Would you be willing to tell me how, in such a script, I could detect the
>presence or absence of a specific header, say "Exception: norm"? (I don't
>intend or want to enter the currently raging header debate. I'm just asking a
>specific technical question.)

Heh.  Any header is available via %{header}, so it would be something like:

scan -format '%{exception}' message

Would output the value of any "Exception" header.  You can use -file to
scan something that's not in a MH folder.

You could do something more complicated in the format script, but maybe
it might be better to do that in the script.  Anyway, you get the idea;
think of scan as "generic tool to interrogate message headers".  Not that
it's necessarily wrong to use sed, but I think it might be hard to handle
things like header folding (but not impossible) or character set conversion.


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