Norm wrote:
> Would you be willing to tell me how, in such a script, I could detect
> the presence or absence of a specific header, say "Exception: norm"?

So, thanks to the other replies, Norm's happy taking Ken's
and modifying the `fromhost' bits.

But it seems to me that a lot of the complexity comes from nmh not only
accepting the (odd, daft, brain-damaged) GNU convention of allowing
adjectives after the nouns, but producing such an argv itself.  If
postproc knew that argv[argc-1] was the draft file, given argv>1, then
it wouldn't need to know, and maintain, knowledge of a gazillion
options.  post(8) almost has `file' at the end in the synopsis, if -help
and -version were moved then that would be the case, and it would be
nice other bits of nmh produced that ordering.

Cheers, Ralph.

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