Norm wrote:

> But I wonder how much additional clarification is wise. Perhaps nmh
> documentation is reaching, or has reached, the law of diminishing returns. The
> more man pages that are added and the longer man pages become, the harder it
> will be to find something, and the less likely it would be that users will
> read the documentation. So each for each clarification, you have to balance
> how much it will help, against how much it will hurt.

Good point.  I was thinking of adding just one sentence to the post(8)
man page, referring to the postproc entry in the mh-format(5) man page,
because that seems like a reasonable place.

> I'm reminded of the original UNIX man pages, going to back version six (circa
> 1970) and seven. They were brutally terse, yet helpful.

As if the nmh man pages aren't terse? :-)


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