David Levine <levin...@acm.org> writes:
>Norm wrote:
>> Turns out it is documented, though not in a very straightforward place.
>> man mh_profile, under postproc.
>I'm in documentation mode, so if you have a suggestion on where to add
>a link to that postproc entry, please let me know.  Where is the first
>place that you looked?  post(8), maybe?

To the best of my recollection, I first tried:

  man postproc

Then I tried:

        man post
        man whom

I don't remember the order. Then I tried:

        man nmh

But I wonder how much additional clarification is wise. Perhaps nmh
documentation is reaching, or has reached, the law of diminishing returns. The
more man pages that are added and the longer man pages become, the harder it
will be to find something, and the less likely it would be that users will
read the documentation. So each for each clarification, you have to balance
how much it will help, against how much it will hurt.

I'm reminded of the original UNIX man pages, going to back version six (circa
1970) and seven. They were brutally terse, yet helpful.

    Norman Shapiro

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