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On Mon, 12 Feb 2018 10:33:51 -0800 Paul Vixie<>  wrote:
if we wanted the effort of an actual rewrite, we would need to justify
the time expenditure with a potentially larger user population, which
means reconsideration of features that younger people actually depend
on, like imap and mime. i'd be up for that.

What specific mime related features do you have in mind?

i'd like to provide the MH view via FUSE rather than files-on-disk. rather than using command line utilities to extract a mime part, i want to access it by ~/Mail/inbox/135/part1.exe or whatever.

hold onto your hats because i'd also like to do this even for imap mailboxes which are not present in my file system at all, and Maildir mailboxes which are present but not in the format MH thinks they are.

in that world, inc would speak Maildir format, and the FUSE layer would be able to deal translucently with actual MH format archives, but those would begin the process of dying off or getting converted to Maildir.

what seems to have been lost on the other historians here is that mark ignored MH when he made imap, and that bernstein ignored MH when he made Maildir -- and both are _better_ than MH for all modern purposes. MH is now an eddy pool of the e-mail river.

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