>> Now if we refile a message, do we put those messages in "new"?  Maybe?
>> But then they won't be visible to other programs until the true "manager"
>> of that mailbox notices it.  If we scan a Maildir folder, should we be
>> in charge of moving stuff from new into cur?  Maybe?  Maybe not?  You
>> tell me!
>i routinely drag and drop messages in thunderbird, from and to folders 
>backed by Maildir. Cyrus IMAPd does "something". maybe not what 
>bernstein intended for maildrops, but, it works, and it's interoperable.

You know, it might be interesting to see the output from inotifywait
when you do a drag and drop across folders.  I am presuming that
Thunderbird doesn't know about the Cyrus-IMAPd index and Cyrus IMAPd just
figures it out.  If that's the case then that is fine.



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