paul wrote:
 > Michael Richardson wrote:
 > > ... I tried to build the other one (uw-imap?) that had MH support, but
 > > it was too much effort because the "libmh" library was pretty much 
 > > impossible
 > > to build/configure.
 > sorry about that. (i was the maintainer in the years up until mark's 
 > death.) the ruinously bad property of uw-imap's MH implementation, which 
 > i could not fix due to an impedance mismatch between the protocol and 
 > the MH message number definition, is that whenever you refile a message, 
 > both folders have to be fully rescanned.
 > > For my archives I'm now thinking that maybe I should just convert it all to
 > > Maildir.  Hmm.
 > that's what i did. but now i have no shell tools that do what "pick" 
 > does. ouch.

i know it's not pick, but i find i mostly use mairix on my mail even
though it's all in MH folders, simply because it's so much faster.  i
often run pick on the resulting mairix results folder, though.

paul fox, (arlington, ma, where it's 24.8 degrees)


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