>the imap service's relationship to its backing store is none of my 
>business as an imap client. as long as invariants are preserved, the 
>precise form of magic, or even what upstream rules might be getting 
>broken, are "all fine by me".

Well, I didn't care that much about what Cyrus IMAPd was doing, I was
more interested in what Thunderbird was doing (because really, there are
a couple of possibilities).  If the answer is, "Hey, we just rename those
files into the appropate Maildir "cur" directory and it all works out",
then that's fine; that's easy.  I just wanted to be sure we're doing
the right thing.

And ... well, okay, I decided to read the code, at least in the Cyrus
IMAPd case, and color me confused ... but it sure seems like the
Cyrus mail spool is NOT using Maildir!  It actually seems like it is
expecting files in the mailstore to be in the format "<UID>.", and it
gets unhappy if it sees files that don't match that format.  It also
seems like if you decided to stuff a file in there that matched that
format it wouldn't know about them unless you told it to reconstruct
the mailbox manually.

It's completely possible I am getting this wrong; please, corrections are



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