Paul Vixie <> wrote:
    > Michael Richardson wrote:
    >> ...
    >> So what you mean is that you want an MH-like file arrangement 
    >> provided over many transports via FUSE.  I'm with you on this.
    >> On top of that, I'd like a personal IMAP server, *solely* so that my 
local copy
    >> of Thunderbird (or maybe my smartphone IMAP client) can see my archives, 
    >> decode HTML emails and iCS attachments intelligently.  Because otherwise 
    >> mostly live in Emacs/MH-E with HTML interpretation turned off...

    > if your archives were in Maildir format, you could run Cyrus IMAPD on
    > localhost.

Exactly.  I tried to build the other one (uw-imap?) that had MH support, but
it was too much effort because the "libmh" library was pretty much impossible
to build/configure.

For my archives I'm now thinking that maybe I should just convert it all to
Maildir.  Hmm.

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