Kevin, this may be an insanely stupid question but why wouldn't credit  
interest affect your cash flow? Where does the interest money come from
in the end?

On 10-Jun-09, at 2:11 PM, Kevin Hoctor wrote:

> On Jun 9, 2009, at 2:59 PM, Dave wrote:
>> Hello! I am wondering what everyone does for their finance charges.  
>> Do
>> you put them in a bucket or not? Technically, you wouldn't have to  
>> b/c
>> you are paying the charge and the payment at the same time. But I
>> could see the other side too.
>> What is the gist?
> Dave,
> I assign bank charges to a Bank Charges bucket but not credit card
> interest charges because they don't affect my cash flow.
> Peace,
> Kevin Hoctor
> No Thirst Software LLC
> >

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