Seems possible and fine. Have you already run your programme at your scale 
? Did you profile it ? Are you using multiple nodejs processes ?

This might guide you : 



Le dimanche 18 septembre 2016 17:17:14 UTC+3:30, Alain Mouette a écrit :
> Hi,
> I have a problem to control a few thousand websocket connections, for that 
> I need a timer for each one...
> first option) on every event I create a *setTimeout()* and delete the 
> last one, once every 60s, 5000 timers, once every 12ms average.
> My QUESTION IS: will I have a big overhead for having all these timers? 
> and will I gar a lot of GC
> second option) create a single *setInterval()* for each connection that 
> will wake me up every 30s and I just check if everyting is ok.
> My QUESTION IS: will I have a big overhead for having all these timers? I 
> surely will get less garbage, right?
> Any different suggestion?
> Please help,
> Alain, from Brazil

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