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> Hi, folks.  I know it's a hairy problem, but has anyone started
> looking into OpenPGP support for notmuch?

I definitely want this.

I've got message-mode setup to sign my messages automatically when I
start a new compose from within notmuch with 'm'. I did this with the
following in my .emacs:

; sign messages by default
(add-hook 'message-setup-hook
          (lambda ()

I'm not sure how to make sure that I also get that when doing a reply
within notmuch. Keith, I think you worked this out, right? What did you

I'm also interested in automating things like this as much as
possible. I'd much rather people flip one Boolean notmuch-sign-messages
variable then have to code up multiple lambda's within .emacs.

Meanwhile, the other pieces still needed are automatic signature
verification for multipart/signed messages, and then support for
decrypting GPG-encrypted messages.

I'm certain that the various mail-handling modes within emacs already
have support for these things, so it's really just a matter of finding
and hooking into that support.

Of course, if we code some of this up at the library or command-line
level, then the non-emacs interfaces could automatically benefit from it
as well.

And that same argument applies for viewing of MIME-encoded message
parts---I definitely want support at the command-line interface of
notmuch to at least extract a specific MIME part from a message.

In one sense, it's unfortunate that I figured out a way to let me view
these parts within emacs without that support in the notmuch
command-line. That definitely took the pressure off me to finish up
coding this piece, (which actually wouldn't be hard at all).

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