also sprach Ruben Pollan <> [2010.01.08.2221 +1300]:
> I think that would be security hole. You should not store the
> encrypted messages on a decrypted database. A solution whould be
> to encrypt as well the xapian DB, but I think is too complex for
> the use.

As I said in <>, I think it
should be optionally possible for those that are encrypting the
xapian DB in other ways.

> You should be still able, with the actual notmuch, to search over
> the headers of your encrypted messages, or any other non-encrypted
> part of the message. Is not like that?

Most of the time, I search headers, but I do search bodies
regularly. So no, that would not be enough, at least not with the
ideal solution. And notmuch comes close to ideal already! ;)

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