On Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 10:41:36AM -0800, Carl Worth wrote:
> On Mon, 23 Nov 2009 08:00:09 -0500, Jameson Graef Rollins 
> <jroll...@finestructure.net> wrote:
> > Hi, folks.  I know it's a hairy problem, but has anyone started
> > looking into OpenPGP support for notmuch?
> I definitely want this.

Thanks so much for this response, Carl.  I'm glad to hear there's
other interest in the this.

> I've got message-mode setup to sign my messages automatically when I
> start a new compose from within notmuch with 'm'. I did this with the
> following in my .emacs:
> ; sign messages by default
> (add-hook 'message-setup-hook
>         (lambda ()
>           (mml-secure-message-sign)))
> I'm not sure how to make sure that I also get that when doing a reply
> within notmuch. Keith, I think you worked this out, right? What did you
> do?

Ah, this is a great suggestion.  Thank you.  I saw Keith's reply as
well, which also works great with replies.

> Meanwhile, the other pieces still needed are automatic signature
> verification for multipart/signed messages, and then support for
> decrypting GPG-encrypted messages.

So I think this is maybe the most important thing missing from notmuch
right now.  I would really really like to see this working.
Unfortunately my emacs/lisp skills are poor to say the least.  I'll
try to look into how gnus or other emacs mail interfaces handle this
stuff, but if anyone else has any pointers for the list that would be


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