On Fri,  3 Jun 2011 10:01:06 -0700, Jameson Graef Rollins 
<jroll...@finestructure.net> wrote:
> This was a minor oversite in checking of part type when outputing
> content raw.  This was causing gmime was to throw an exception to
> stderr.
> Unfortunately the gmime exception was not being caught by notmuch, or
> the test suite.  I'm not sure if notmuch should have done anything in
> this case, but certainly the test suite should be capable of detecting
> that something unexpected was output to stderr.

I'd like to investigate this case a little bit to help answer the
question of whether "notmuch should have done anything in this case".

But if I apply the patch then I won't be able to. ;-)

Can you give me instructions for how to replicate this bug before I
apply the patch?



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