On 06/27/2011 04:43 PM, Austin Clements wrote:
> Just to clarify my understanding, --format=raw is only intended to
> work on either the whole message (special-cased in do_show_single) or
> a leaf MIME part, and in any other case, it will output nothing?  The
> raw output test cases seem pretty thin.

I personally think that --format=raw *should* work on non-leaf parts; i
don't know if that was the original intent.

> (BTW, I believe the show restructuring I have under way should both
> lift this restriction and eliminate the special case.)

I hope the tests for this feature can eventually include some weird
compound parts with whitespace-wrapped header lines, odd MIME
delimiters, character encodings, etc.  It would be really good if the
--part=whatever --format=raw output produces byte-for-byte identical
streams.  Both PGP/MIME and S/MIME signatures rely on explicit opacity
of the signed MIME parts, so being able to retrieve the signed data
precisely would be quite useful for weird corner cases.


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