On Tue, Nov 29 2016, David Bremner <da...@tethera.net> wrote:

> Jani Nikula <j...@nikula.org> writes:
>> +gdb --batch-silent --return-child-result -x notmuch-new-vanish.gdb \
>> +    --args notmuch new 2>OUTPUT 1>/dev/null
> I wonder if Tomi's suggestion of
>   id:20161128221231.25528-2-da...@tethera.net
> applies here as well. In this case it is redirecting output, rather than
> input, but I guess the same principle applies?

In case of input it may matter who has chance to consume it. In this
case of output every output of every process is dumped to /dev/null; I'd go
with this simpler approach in this case (and probably in all other cases;
If we wanted to (debug) log things we used `--batch` and redirecs to log
files instead of /dev/null).


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